About us

What is German Mixer?
The German Mixer is a monthly networking event addressing Germans, Austrians, Swiss and their friends in Orange County, California. The mixer is typically hosted on the first Wednesday of every month. Location will be announced via Website and mailing list. German Mixer is organized by volunteers. It has no political, religious or ethnical affiliations. It is a place where individuals, companies or institutions can exchange ideas, thoughts, and information.

Is there an admission?
No, there is no admission for the monthly networking event. Bar is no-host. Some events in cooperation with German Mixer might ask for an admission. Check the invitation.

How do you know about upcoming events?
Simply by signing up for our email invitation or via this website.

How can you support or volunteer at German Mixer?
There are many ways to do so. You can help us preparing, promoting, and hosting German Mixer events. If you are interested, please contact us.

When and why was the German Mixer founded?
The first German Mixer took place in July 2003 in Newport Beach. Claudia Fochler (former Knecht) set it up because she missed such an event in the Orange County area. Her ambition was to establish an event for the young and established German community, a forum for private and professional networking. In 2006 when Claudia moved back to Germany, Birgit Trinkwalter continued hosting the monthly mixers. In December 2014, Martina Tewes took over the mixer when Birgit moved out of state.